Links to raw (FAST5/FASTQ) data for ARTIC protocol

Due to popular request on Twitter, I am collecting some links to raw data for ARTIC protocol runs in this post. Please do post additional datasets you might wish to share.

The ARTIC pipeline should not generate much or any human reads, but off-target amplification can happen, particularly at lower viral copy number. For reasons of privacy, FAST5 files which are written in batch need to be stripped of any such reads.

This can be accomplished by the subset_fast5 script in Oxford Nanopore’s ont-fast5-api package (

Links to raw data

From the CADDE Project; FAST5 and FASTQ from SP1 (first case in Sao Paulo, Brazil).
Please cite:

Link to FAST5 and FASTQ data:

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Hi Nick, thanks for share those files.

Can I run whole artic protocol with those SP1 fast5 files (includind guppy_basecaller and demultiplex) ? or need I start at some specific point?
Moreover, were those fast5 files sequenced using V3 primers?

Thanks in advance,

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